Mountaineering in Tien-Shan & Pamir

Unforgettable rest at the foot of Lenin Peak


Season: July – August

Mysterious and enigmatic Pamir is located in the border area of several countries: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. Kyrgyzstan borders with Tajikistan on the South, this is the Northern part of Pamir. There are a lot of legends and various stories about severity and inaccessibility of this mountain system. It raises the sparkling peaks above the clouds. No wonder the unofficial name of the Pamir is “the Roof of the World”. We invite you to visit the foothills of the Pamir, to get in this special atmosphere, to feel cold breath of the mountains, to touch eternity and, finally, to feel yourself as a part of something huge and great. All this feelings you will get within a week of lodging in our mountain camps located on the foot of Lenin Peak.

Scheme of program

1st Day. Arrival to Osh

As soon as you arrive at the Osh airport our company will arrange your meeting, transfer and accommodation in a comfortable hotel. If you have spare time this day, we will arrange for you excursion to Sulaiman-Too – a sacred place for all Muslims. During the excursion you will visit the Museum, situated within the natural cave in the mountain and admire the panorama of Osh from the observation deck, located next to the Babur house, he was great-grandson of Iron Limp Timur and the founder of the Great Mongolian Empire. We will offer you national dishes at the local cafe for dinner this night.

2nd Day. Osh – Achik-Tash

We will have long transfer to the base camp today. Camp is located at the foot of the Chon-Alai range. Good road smoothly goes up to Chyiyrchyk pass (2402 m) and further comes down to Dzhayly-Suu Valley by several serpentines. The road terns sharply to the right in the area, where small Dzhayly-Suu River goes in to Gulcha River. Further the road leads us towards of the Taldyk pass (3615 m), climbs as a steep serpentine road. This is the scenic road! The red cliffs with narrow canyons at the left side of the road are amazing! Taldyk pass is the gate to the mysterious Alai valley. As soon as you go down to the valley, in case of sunny weather, you will see a huge snow-covered and ice-covered Chon-Alai range. Average altitude of the peaks is 6000 meters. This fascinating view will impress everyone.  A lot of streams and rivers flow from the Northern shoulder of the ridge and run to Kyzyl-Suu River to feet it. We should note here that Kyzyl-Suu River is the part of the largest river in Central, Amu-Darya. We will cross Kysyl-Suu River through the bridge which is located just behind of Kashka-Suu. Alai valley is huge and amazing.

You can see here simple life of local Alai Kyrgyz people. They migrate to the valley in summer time with their herds. You can see also a lot of marmots crossing the road in summer time. As soon as you arrive at the base camp you will feel warm atmosphere of base camp. Staff of the camp is always very hospitable and will do the best you enjoy your time here. You will stay in the tent for two persons, have a rest in cozy dining room, and take a shower after long transfer. Base camp is equipped with electricity, Wi-Fi and other signs of civilization. And for sure you will see a massive white wall with the top of Lenin Peak (7134 m) from the right.

Welcome to Pamir!

3rd Day. Achik-Tash

After overnight on the green glade at the altitude of 3600 m and have a delicious breakfast, we suggest you to go for a walk around our camp. There are many small lakes in this area remaining from the last glaciations. The lakes are situated at the moraine which leveled off and covered with turf by present time. Moraine is covered with countless Edelweisses and wild mountain onions, which is fine for food. Only the blue saucers of the lakes, randomly scattered among the low hills with snow-white tops reflected in them, indicate about the once powerful glaciations here. You can walk down to the rapid river Ashik-Tash. It carries dirty water to Kyzyl-Suu River. You should cross the River to right side through the bridge and walk to the Tulpar-Kel Lake and other smaller lakes. There are always a lot of mushrooms here. You can collect it and ask cook to make them for dinner. After lunch and some rest in the camp, we recommend you to climb to the shoulder of Petrovsky Peak for acclimatization. The peak rises just above our camp. You will enjoy the view of numerous lakes and camps of other tourist companies from the bird’s eye view. Do not doubt, it worth your efforts to climb up! You will go down the scree directly to our camp.

4th Day. Achik-Tash – Advanced Base Camp

Today is the most difficult day. There is a long but incredible way to the ABC located at the foot of Lenin Peak. Climbers make their ascent to the mountain from this camp. First of all, we reach Lukovaya Polyana(“Wild Onion Meadow”) place, where a lot of wild onion grows. Further we will begin an ascent to the Puteshestvennikov Pass (4128 m). This is the serpentine path. Magnificent view of the Lenin glacier and the Lenin massif will open from the pass. Descend downhill after and a long way along the trail to the first camp. All the time you will meet numerous groups of climbers and horse caravans carry food and equipment to the camp. The path goes on the left side of the glacier, then steeply rise up or smoothly goes down. Do not worry. You can do it; you will definitely be able to reach the first camp in order to feel the spirit of real adventure, to touch this exciting heart and soul, an unknown sense of belonging to something great and mysterious.

Camp staff are already waiting for you in the first camp at 4400 m. You will be warmly welcomed upon arrival by our camp manager and offered a great hot and healthy lunch. Your exploits are finished for today. You can have a rest and relax until the evening and, of course, admire the wall of Lenin Peak, towering over you for almost three kilometers. In the evening you can make photo session, when the sun set to the horizon and fade on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

5th Day. Advanced Base camp

It seems that everything is ringing in the morning, even the frosty air. The snow creaks under your feet as you make your way to the dining room. Fragrant hot coffee and delicious breakfast brings you back to reality. Easy hiking around the camp today. Visit to small, half-closed ice lake, trek to the very beginning of the trail leading directly to the glacier. Overseeing the barely discernible strings of climbers going to the second camp. If you are the most restless and confident in own abilities, you can try to make the ascent to Yukhin Peak (5122 m). But it must be discussed with the guide in the evening of the previous day. On the way, and especially from the top, opens extremely beautiful views of Lenin Peak from the South, and the Alai valley from the North. Descent to the camp and rest. If you are lucky, you can listen interesting stories of experienced climbers about their adventure during the dinner in the evening.

6th Day. Advanced base Camp – Achik-Tash

We will say goodbye to the first camp in the morning after breakfast, and will go down to the base camp. It is so nice to come back to the warm place, go through green lawns after endless moraines and permanent snow. We may have pleasant gatherings in the dining room in the evening, sing to guitar music and chatting with mountain climbers.

7th Day. Achik-Tash – Osh

Today we return to hot and stifling Osh town. We will enjoy the view of the dawn’s colors of Lenin Peak slopes before departure and say goodbye to the friendliest hosts of the camp. We will admire the beauty of the surrounding mountains from the car window on the way again. Lunch at a local cafe and check-inn in hotel on arrival in Osh. As option, we can visit the oriental bazaar, buy souvenirs and walk around the Osh.

8th Day.  Way home

Airport transfer in the morning. Check-in for the flight and departure home.

Price 2022:
Group of 2 persons  = 1020 USD /
Group of 3 persons  = 780 USD /

Group of 4 persons  = 640 USD / чел

Group of 6 persons  = 540 USD / чел

Group of 8 persons = 480 USD / чел

Single supplement = 45 USD per person per programme

Price includes the following service:
– Mountain Guide for trekking

– Twin accommodation in the hotels 3* in Osh and in tents during the trek

– Meals: full board during the trek, breakfasts in the hotel

– Land transfers by minibus

– Border permit


Price does not include:
– International flight or domestic flight from Bishkek

– Meals in local café in Osh and on the way to Achik-Tash

– Sleeping bags and personal trekking outfit

– Porters or horses service to deliver personal belongings from BC at 3600 to ABC at 4200m – USD 3 per kilo

– Alcohol drinks in café, restaurant and during the trek 

* * * * * * *


1.     Tourists must have medical insurance policy with coverage of USD 40 000.