Mountain guides. When hiring mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan one should be very careful not to be guided by an untrained person. Nowadays everyone in Kyrgyzstan can call himself a guide and offer guiding service. There are no law regulations to control work of a mountain guide. How to find information about mountain guides? First of […]


There are no problems with food supply to the mountaineering expedition in Kyrgyzstan. Basically any standard set of ingredient can be easily obtained in the local store and markets of the country. But there are several things to consider while buying. These will provide  you with required food of good quality. All necessary ingredients can […]


Off-Road Vehicles 4-6WD Half the journey is alwasy just getting there! There are several ways to get into Kyrgyzstan: by air, by train, by car; to get around inside the country is easy by car or sometimes air, but most of the mountaineering regions we travel to can be accessed only by all-wheel drive off-road vehicles. […]


Mountaineers usually bring their own personal equipment however occasionally some problems occur, such as lost baggage or some items worn out during expedition. There are several outdoor stores in Bishkek where everything necessary can be purchased. There are no such facilities in other towns of Kyrgyzstan. Cookwares and cooking supplies can also be bought in […]