Пик Ленина 7134 м

  Основные данные о пике Ленина и краткая информация о Кыргызстане Пик Ленина (до 1928 года — пик Кауфмана) — один из «семитысячников», то есть высочайших вершин бывшего СССР. Одна из высочайших вершин Центральной Азии, находящаяся в горной системе Памира. Пик Ленина (7134 м) – расположен в Заалайском хребте Памира на границе Кыргызстана и Таджикистана. […]

Mountaineering expedition Khan-Tengri Peak

Scheme of program Season: July 10 – August 25   Scheme of standard programme Bishkek-Bishkek: Days Itinerary: Accommodation 1. International flight. Arrival in Bishkek. Hotel 3* 2. Arrival in Bishkek. Transfer to Karkara base camp (460 km, 7-8 hrs). Overnight in tent camp at the altitude 2200 m. Karkara Camp 3. Helicopter flight to the […]

Khan-Tengry peak

Khan Tengry Peak from South History of Khan-Tengry peak discovering The first confirmed successful ascent was made in 1931, by a Ukrainian team – M. Pogrebetsky, B. Turin and F. Zauber. It took two years before they outlined the most logical rout of ascent. They walked along the Inylchek glacier to the peak Chapaev, then along […]

Program of ascent to Pobeda Peak 7439 m

Pobeda Peak 7439 m, 26 days History. Pobeda Peak (7439 m) was geographically discovered in 1943, but not successfully climbed until 1956, following tragic ends to many of previous attempts. Following V. Abalakov’s initial ascent, an expedition led by I.Erokhin in 1956 was the first to climb it via the Chon-Teren Glacier and in 1970 […]

Lenin Peak 7134m

Lenin Peak (till 1928 it was called Kaufmann Peak) — is one of the mountains over 7,000 metres high, one of the highest mountains of the former USSR. It is also one of the highest peaks of Central Asia; it is situated in Pamir mountain range. Lenin Peak (7134m) – is situated in Zaalaiskii mountain […]

Mustag Ata Peak 7546m

Muztag-Ata is the “father of the ice mountains” – a mountain in the Pamir, located in the territory of China. The height is 7546 m, due to the gentle western slope and relatively dry weather in the region.  Muztag-Ata is located near the south of Kongur, the highest peak of the Kongurmuztag mountain range. Together they form an almost isolated group […]