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Search and rescue. The Ministry of Ecology and Emergency Situations in Kyrgyzstan is responsible for search and rescue works. The works are carried out by the Emergency Response Unit who are servicemen of the national Army. The main drawback is that soldiers don’t posses necessary knowledge and experience for rescue in the mountains in certain conditions of difficult terrain. Contact information of the Ministry rescue service is in the Appendix. In addition to the state rescue service the Public Fund “Rescue in the mountains” has been in operation since 1994 (before 2008 had the name of LLC Tien-Shan RTM). The Fund runs rescue works in the mountains at any altitude and routes, renders medical aid during and after rescue and also provide with repatriation. The Fund has no permanent staff but has agreements with experienced climbers and mountaineers with special skills. Participation of the experienced rescuers in search and rescue works is guaranteed by the high salary the professionals during the works. The only necessary condition to run rescue is the guaranty of payment. Without the guaranty rescue operations will not commence. An advance contract with rescue organization, relevant insurance, assurance of a bank or any other solvent organization can be the guaranty of payment. The Fund has obtained accreditation of the Ministry of Ecology and Emergency Situations in accordance with the Kyrgyz Legislation and is entitled to carry out rescue operations. The contact information of the Fund is in appendix.

“Assistance”. There is an assistance organization “Assistance Kyrgyzstan” arranging and rendering medical, legal, transportation, translation, rescue and other aid for foreigners in emergency situations. This organization is listed in the international data bases of assistance companies. The contact information of the organization is attached.

Insurance. There is no insurance company in Kyrgyzstan insuring mountaineers therefore it is advised to bring your own insurance. Coverage of the insured event for rescue works in mountains should be not less Euro 30,000, for medical aid not less than Euro 10,000 and for liability not less than Euro 5,000.

Travel formalities in Kyrgyzstan (Visa regulation and registrati Permits to border areas. Emergency contacts)

Visa regulation and registration. Regulations of stay in Kyrgyzstan for foreign citizens are defined by the act of Kyrgyz Republic “On external migration”. In accordance with the law no visa required for citizens of the following countries of CIS: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine up to 90 days of stay and citizens of Uzbekistan up to 60 days. Citizens of the countries mentioned above are not required to register their international passports within 60 days and citizens of Kazakhstan and Russia within 90 days after crossing thenational border.

There are the simplified visa requirements for the citizens of 45 countries. The list of the countries is in attachment. Citizens of the 45 countries have the right to enter, exit, transit and stay on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of visa obtained upon the arrival to the country. Citizens of other countries are required to have visa support in order to obtain visa. Visa support can be provided by the local tour operators. Foreign citizens of countries with simplified visa regulations are not required to register their foreign passports while staying in the Kyrgyz Republic if they stay not more than 60 days. Citizens of the other countries are required to register within 5 days upon the arrival unless it’s a transit.

Permits to the border areas (zones). (BZ) In accordance with the Kyrgyz law there is a special border regime in the border zones of Kyrgyzstan. Special permit is required to enter the territory and is given by the authorized organizations. Border zone area is from 10,000 m to 50,000 meters in the mountainous and sparsely populated areas. Permission is regulated by the Statute on the border regime in the frontier of the Kyrgyz Republic approved by the government decree of the KR #362 on May 15, 2004. Foreign citizens obtain entry and stay permits for BZ in the Interior Ministry and Border Patrol of the Kyrgyz Republic. Permits for foreign citizens can be obtained also by the legal entities or private entrepreneurs, in this case tour operators. The following information of the person entering BZ is needed: 1) full name; 2) date of birth; 3) passport number, date of issue and expiration; 4) place of residence or registration; 5) citizenship; 6) date of entry and duration of stay in the border zone.