Visas and additional information

1. Visas

The list of the states concerning which citizens the unilateral visa-free regime within 60 days is entered:
Australian Union, Republic Austria, Kingdom Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Federal Republic Germany, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Greek Republic, Kingdom Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Kingdom Spain, Italian Republic, Canada, Republic of Korea, State of Kuwait, Latvian Republic, Lithuanian Republic, Principality Liechtenstein, Great Duchy Luxembourg , Republic Malta, Principality of Monaco, New Zealand, Kingdom Norway, United Arab Emirates, Republic Poland, Portuguese Republic, Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Republic Singapore, Slovak Republic, Republic Slovenia, United States of America, Finnish Republic, French Republic, Republic Croatia, Czech Republic, Swiss Confederation, Kingdom Sweden , Estonian Republic, State of Qatar, State of Brunei-Darussalam, Kingdom Bahrain

The citizens of CIS can visit the Republic visa-free. No registration up to 90 days required for the citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan, all other CIS citizens – up to 60 days. On arrival via some check points of Kyrgyz Republic we can deliver prepared in advance group visa to the point of border crossing. To use the service, the tourists should send their passport data three weeks before arrival to Kyrgyzstan. The group visa can be made minimum for two people.
The price for a group visa is 40 USD, cost of visa at the airport is 70$ per person.

If you don’t find your country in above list, we will organize for you a visa support. There is possible to get visa at airport of Bishkek or at embassies of Kyrgyz Republic abroad.

The list of Kyrgyz embassies abroad

Austria: Invalidenstrasse 3/8, 1010 Wien; phone: (431) 5350378

Belgium: 1050. Bruxelles, 47; rue de 1 Abbaye; phone: (322) 5346399; Fax: (322) 5342325

China: 2-4-1, Ta Yuan Diplomatic Office Building, Chaoyang district Beijing, China; phone: (86 106) 5326458, Fax: (86 106) 65326459

Germany: Otto-Suhr-Alle 146, 10585 Berlin, phone: 030 34781361, fax 030 34781362 or Consulate in Frankfurt on Main: ~Postfach 170306, 60077, Frankfurt am Main; phone/fax: (069) 954039, mobile: 01716521809

India: A 9/32 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057; phone (9111) 6886890, fax: +6881854, 6876823; telex: 3182016

Iran: 0098-21, Mashhed, Consulate department; phone: (98 21) 2294607, Fax: (98 21) 2297729

Malasia: 54 Jalan Gurney, 54000, Kuala-Lumpur; hone: (6 032) 2980394, Fax: (6 032) 2938498

Switzerland: 118 rue de Rhone, 4-eme etage, 1204 Geneva; phone: (41 22) 7071614, 7071639, fax: + 7071641

Turkey: 11, Boyabat Sokak, GOP, Ankara; phone: (90312) 4468408, 4468409, Fax: + 4468413, 4468411 General Consulate , Istanbul, phone: (9021) 2518370, fax: 2359293

Great Britain: Ascot House, 119 Crawford Street, London W1H !AF; Phone: 44 171 9351462; fax: 44 171 9357449

USA: 1732 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Washington DC 20007; Phone: (202) 3385141; fax: (202) 2752092 General Consulate in New York is located at 866 UN Plaza, Suite14, New York, NY 10017, tel: 212-319-2836)

2. Currency
Starting from 1993 there was the national currency – Som – introduced in Kyrgyzstan. 1 US dollar is equal 44 soms. 1 Euro is equal 64 soms. The money can be exchanged almost in every town of the country.

3. Telephone

In the region of Lenin Peak there is mobile communication in GSM formate. Also there is an opportunity to make a call using а satellite phone. The mobile connection works on the whole territory of the country.

4. Arrival to Kyrgyzstan

There are two possible variants of arrival
1. From Europe to Bishkek by Aeroflot, Turkish, or British airlines.
2. From
Moscow Domodedovo to Osh every Monday. There is a small problem of changing the airport in Moscow.

5. Food

In the base camps you get European or Asian food of high quality.
The products to get with during the ascent you have to bring with you. You can also buy some of the products for the ascent in Osh. There is an opportunity to order the sublime products in Bishkek beforehand. They are dry soups, cereals, drinks.

6. Documents

It is necessary to have valid passports with visa as well as insurance for covering the expenses in case of rescue operations.
In order to get the permissions to the border zone on time the passport data should be sent us three weeks before arrival to Kyrgyzstan.