Mountain Rescue, Assistans

Rescue missions in Kyrgyz mountains may be conducted by Public Foundation “Rescue in the Mountains”, an organization which provides mountain resque service and based in Bishkek. Specialized mountain rescue teams are equipped with up-to-date gear, and helicopter is available for emergency transportation. Teams consist of professional rescuers and experienced mountain guides of high level. Missions are conducted on mountain relief of various difficulty levels, on any altitudes and routes, including ones in very remote areas. Medical assistance is available in kind of first aid during missions and hospital care after it.

The only term to start rescue mission is availability of written payment guarantee. Without guarantee of payment rescue mission cannot start. One of such guarantees can be the following:
– Medical insurance policy which covers particular mountain activity and country (mountaineering or other adventure activity in Kyrgyzstan)
– Bank guarantee or guarantee of any other solvent organization (embassy, company etc)
– Agreement (preliminary signed) “Rescue in Mountains” Kyrgyzstan is an organization accredited by the Ministry for Emergency Situations KR to conduct mountain rescue missions according to the local regulation.

Rescue Fund Contacts:

Phones during business hours:

+(996) 312 651 404

+(996) 312 651 221

Phones 24/7 to call only in emergency situations:

+(996) 700 651 221

+(996) 701 799 925


+(996) 312 650 747




Who operates mountain rescue missions in Kyrgyzstan?

According to local legislation first of all it is quick reaction groups (QRG) in the Ministry for Emergency Situations (MES) of Kyrgyz Republic. Being impartial it is necessary to mention that quality and promptness of these groups in case of mountain rescue need is far from efficiency level. If other options are available, preferably use them and do not apply to the MES to safe time and nerves.

Contacts of the Ministry for Emergency S

ituations KR:

MES KR 11 Mominovoi Street, Osh, Kyrgyzstan

2/1 A.Tokonalieva Street, Bishkek 720055, Kyrgyzstan


Officer on-duty: Tel.: +996 (3222) 21844

Fax: +996 (3222) 56077


Press Service: Tel.:+996 (3222) 76310 Osh
Tel.: +996 (312) 545280 Bishkek

Tel. mobile: +996 (770) 223136


 Local tour operators and public organizations also establish temporary mountain rescue groups in popular climbing areas – Lenin Peak, South Inylchek Glacier, Karavshin and others – as well as in mountain areas during mountaineering events and programs.


– Rescue missions in the mountains on relief of various difficulty levels and on various altitudes (search, rescue, transportation, first aid)
– Medical assistance during rescue mission and after it, including therapy in the hospitals
– Repatriation of injured persons to the place of residence or medical treatment
– Repatriation of the deceased to the burial place
– Formalities arrangements
– Rent of specialized technical gear, means of communication (radio stations, satellite phones, avalanche transceivers and other)
– Transportation to the remote mountain areas by 4-6 WD cross country vehicles
– Air evacuation (by helicopter)

What to do to be sure in case of emergency rescue mission starts promptly and efficiently?

Before your trips starts:

Contact the Rescue in Mountains by e-mail or fax and submit copy of medical insurance policy or any other guarantee of payment as well as details of your trip – itinerary, dates, group details and scheme of communication during the trip. We recommend to make registration 2 weeks prior arrival at Kyrgyzstan.

By arrival in Kyrgyzstan:

Present original medical insurance policy or other guarantee of payment

After the trip ends:

Please inform us about safe return home at the end of your trip.