Ala-Archa Nature Park is located only 42 km far from Bishkek and it is the biggest gorge of Kyrgyz Range. Summits there lift up to the altitude of 4895 m (the highest point of the Range is Semenov-Tien-Shanskiy Peak). Climbing routes are rock, combined, seldom ice and snow-ice. The rocks consist of tough granite and granodiorite. Difference of altitudes is up to 1100 m in the Gorge. The least amount of precipitation falls in August and September while the largest one in May and June. Average temperature is -12° C in winter, -7° C in autumn, and +3° C spring.



The most popular area among trekker, climbers and tourists in Kyrgyz Range is Ak-Sai Glacier. About 150 routes from the simplest to the most complicated walls lifting up to 1100 m have been explored there. There are four mountain huts in the area of the Glacier, three huts are small (roughly 4X4 m) and one stone made hut is more comfortable and appropriate for tourists. 36 persons can be accommodated here at the same time. Usually it takes about 5 hours of walking from the road in Ala-Archa Park to, so called, Ratzek stop.